Wanda’s biggest indoor theme park in Nanjing opens its doors

The first of eight parks designed by KCC Entertainment Design has opened to the public after two years of design and construction. Wanda Nanjing Theme Park in China welcomed 260,000 visitors on the first day.

The indoor Theme Park is embedded in a new mixed-use development (Shopping mall, Indoor Theme Park, Hotel, Residential housing and a food court) and has a footprint of 34,000sqm, containing 22 attractions that cater to all members of the family, and make the park a centre of leisure experience.

“Upon entering the visitor is immediately blown away by a never seen before combination of two thrill rides within a structure referencing a weaving machine (Nanjing has a great textile history),” says CEO Yannick Maes.

“Inside the Nanjing Porcelain Pagoda a thrilling drop tower launches you in the air at great speed exactly like the crazy scientist Wan Hu who launched himself into space by attaching fireworks to his chair. Or explore at high speed the hull of one of Zheng He’s giant ships with a speeding motocoaster.

Our creative team felt like being back at school studying Nanjing’s history and culture. However, the more we learned the better we could link the stories, legends and cultural elements with the rides to create a completely new and fun experience.”

Seven more entertainment worlds designed by KCC Entertainment Design will open doors this year; two more in China and five in the Middle East. Meanwhile, additional designing is taking place at more entertainment experiences worldwide.

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