VR Arcade coming to Green Bay

Edge VR Arcade opened its doors to the public on March 24th. Located in Green Bay, WI, owner Sean Bowers was inspired to open the arcade after watching his friends experience VR for the first time at home.

“You can see it in a picture or on a screen but when you are actually in it and have to look around to see it the sense of scale it’s amazing,” said Bowers. “So, we just love getting people in there and watching reactions, so let’s make a business out of it.”

Guests can choose from short 10-minute tester sessions or book parties for up to 30 people, and the selection of VR games ranges from the casual to the extreme, with over 20 titles available.

The games are played at one of three types of VR station on offer; a room-scale booth, active VR on an omni-directional treadmill, or a VR simulation complete with steering wheel and motion platform.

Edge VR also provides a lounge area where guests can wait for their booking time as well as play retro video games.

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