VIRTUAL REALITY: VRStudios releases VRcade Drone Storm

US virtual reality specialist, VRstudios, has announced the release of its newest multi-player, untethered, free-roaming VR game, VRcade Drone Storm.

The exclusive two-Player version of VRcade Drone Storm for totally wireless VRcade systems was produced for VRstudios by Archiact ( In the game the players are the last bastion in a city overrun with attacking, mechanised drones. The object is to shoot them out of the sky and dodge incoming fire while earning a high score by blasting your way through ten enemy waves and avoiding rocket attacks in the last stand to defend the city.

The game adds to an expanding catalogue of exciting immersive VRcade games. The company has placed systems in 12 countries, with the latest custom attraction launched at Cedar Fair’s Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park in April. VRstudios produces turnkey entertainment systems that support high volume out-of-home attractions for theme parks, family entertainment centres, casinos, cinemas, and other venues.

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