VIRTUAL REALITY: VRStudios launches Terminal 17 game

VRstudios has launched a new VR attraction, Terminal 17, a multiplayer adventure game specifically designed for the VRcade Arena.

Players are part of an eight-person extermination squad tasked with finding and eliminating alien insects on Terminal 17, a remote facility on a distant planet.

“Terminal 17 was designed from the ground up to maximise the extensive capabilities of the VRcade Arena and our Attraction Management Platform (AMP),” said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios’ CEO. “VRstudios’ is committed to using the best available tools and partnering with VR industry leaders like NVIDIA to create exciting next generation experiences.”

Terminal 17 specifically takes advantage of features like Single-Pass Stereo and Lens Matched Shading (which also enables Multi-Res Shading) to give the experience a boost in performance. This improves the overall visual quality by running Terminal 17 at higher resolution with additional post-processing effects.

“VRcade Arena is a prime example of technology and fun converging to deliver a one of a kind VR experience,” said Jason Paul, general manager of gaming software and virtual reality at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA’s VRWorks plug-in for Unity proved to be a quick and simple way for VRstudios to achieve their performance goals for the experience.”

Players journey through a massive virtual world by physically walking around the VRcade Arena, and using a variety of virtual transportation methods.  Players communicate with each other to cooperatively solve puzzles and advance through multiple areas of Terminal 17.


Large-scale, VRcade Arena attraction – 2,400 square feet

Co-op team and competitive action/adventure for up to 8 players

2 episodes, 15 minutes each (sequential or separate)

In-game voice-chat

Logic puzzles, boss fights, and secret passageways

Robust scoring features and hidden bonuses

“Terminal 17 is the kind of high-action, epic, multiplayer game that’s only possible because of the breakthrough VRcade Arena system. Everything from the narrative, to the breathtaking visuals and immersive audio, to the player interaction combine to provide a one of a kind experience,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ Vice President of Creative Development.

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