VIRTUAL REALITY: New arcade is ‘North America’s largest’

Canada can lay claim to having the largest VR arcade in North America, with the opening of Vrkade in Calgary.

It is the second virtual reality arcade experience to open its doors in Calgary and marketing manager, Riley Grieveson, said it is the largest virtual reality arcade in North America with 20 stations available.

“What makes us stand out is our arcade experience,” said Grieveson. “No matter what, we would never compromise the customer experience in order to profit.”

Vrkade has two to four tech support people available during the gaming experience, in case assistance is required.

The arcade currently has six games available, with different quests available within each game. Players are provided with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets

They hope to eventually to expand to around 20 games for players to try.

“We’ve had complete newbies that come to virtual reality,” he told The Calgary Herald.  “They’ll ask us what game they should play and we know how to ease them into the virtual reality world because it is a pretty chaotic experience,” said Grieveson.

“It’s very unique because it’s tailored to every type of person. We’ve had people that are sixty-something come to play and we’ve had people as young as seven play. People can come in with up to seven of their friends and play the same game together. There’s a microphone that connects each of the people to each other so they can compete; they can see each other in the virtual world.”

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