VIRTUAL REALITY: Bandai opens London VR Zone

Bandai Namco Amusement Europe has opened the first Virtual Reality location outside of Japan – VR Zone Portal London” in the new Hollywood Bowl FEC at London’s O2.

Earlier this summer it opened the largest VR entertainment facility in Tokyo, VR Zone Shinjuku as a flagship location which featured an array of new virtual and real experiences.  It was the starting point for the roll out of  VR Zone Portal worldwide. 

 VR Zone Portal London is the first VR Zone Portal worldwide. It operates a separately ticketed facility featuring two new VR games from Bandai Namco –  Argyle Shift and Hospital Escape Terror. Argyle Shift sees the player engage in air combat in a futuristic world, aided by an able assistant. Hospital Escape Terror is a two to four player strategy game where the player proceeds slowly in a wheelchair through a darkened, abandoned hospital with only a torch to illuminate the way through the many horrors that lurk. When one player is captured, the others must find and release them. 

“Crowds were forming around the attractions before they were even fully open,” said Matt Bradley, VR Project Manager. “Since it opened at the latter end of the school holidays, it has performed incredibly well and the takings have been impressive.”

”We are honoured that Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. have chosen us as the first country to roll out their ‘VR Zone Portal global brand, this innovative leading-edge VR technology from Japan is sure to become a dominant force in the amusement sector and sets a sky-high bar in comparison to the VR experiences that are currently available.” he added.

“It’s a very exciting time within BNAE currently as we have very high expectations that the global brand VR Zone Portal is a serious contender for the best Gaming VR experience out in the market currently and in the future with more experiences still to come.”

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