Vicon to provide motion capture solutions for Falcon’s Creative Group

Vicon, a leader in motion capture, has announced a new collaboration with Falcon’s Creative Group, an industry leading experience design company for global entertainment destinations, which will leverage motion capture technology in innovative ways for various new applications within immersive and interactive experiences.

Falcon’s X-Lab – which stands for the Experience Laboratory — is a research and development complex where the company’s team of themed experience designers, engineers, game developers and VFX artists invent proprietary, and leverage a combination of existing and emerging interactive technologies. Experiential products that have been developed in Falcon’s X-Lab cover the full spectrum and capabilities of extended reality (XR) and special computing technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) systems.

Falcon’s will leverage and adapt Vicon’s motion tracking technology to aid in both traditional and non-traditional filmmaking, such as real-time animation and virtual production, as well as to develop and deploy immersive and gamified experiences for theme parks, rides, attractions, and other guest experiences for entertainment venues around the world.

The collaboration will see Falcon’s Creative Group combining Vicon’s industry-leading VFX software Shōgun as well its high-performance Vero optical motion tracking cameras within its Falcon’s X-Lab and beyond.

Saham Ali, director of technology, Falcon’s Creative Group, said: “Vicon’s motion capture technology offers us new avenues to explore unconventional activations and produce innovative experiences that completely immerse guests across a multitude of mediums like never before. Vicon’s proven track record of providing quality products and amazing support, combined with its dynamic toolset that effortlessly interfaces with a wide variety of third-party systems, enables us to explore new applications for the technology and continue pushing the boundaries of experiential content. Having the best tools means we can do what we do best, which is to create new and exciting experiences that will engage and resonate with guests for years to come.”

Jeffrey Ovadya, sales, marketing and support director, Vicon, commented: “Falcon’s X-Lab represents a culmination of many of the technological and creative innovations that Falcon’s has pioneered worldwide, and we’re excited to be a part of helping the company to continue driving this momentum in innovation and to push the boundaries in creating the most immersive and engaging experiences for guests around the world.”

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