VEX updates VEX Adventure for 6 players

VEX Solutions, a leader in hyper-reality turnkey solutions for location-based entertainment, has announced its newest product: the VEX Adventure 2.0.

An update on VEX Adventure, the attraction now accommodates up to 6 players at the same time, increasing VEX Adventure’s throughput by 50%. Operators can also add a second player kit to reach up to 36 players per hour.

Backpack PCs are replaced with top-of-the-line lightweight headsets, optimizes the operational efficiency, and enhances the guest experience all while delivering the same high-quality adventures the attraction has always been known for.

VEX’s highly optimized software means operators can offer high quality experiences without the need to use heavy backpacks or unpredictable streaming technology.

“During this pandemic, despite most of our customers and our own centres being closed, we kept on developing new features aimed at increasing repeat visitations and bringing new guests in. The VEX Esports League, our automated marketing suite, in-depth analytics tools, 4 new games, and more small updates were all developed in the last 18 months and have already been proven hits with our customers and their guests. With the VEX Adventure 2.0, we are committed, once again, to providing the best hyper VR experience for guests and operators alike,” said a company spokesperson.

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