Ventola Projects to commence exciting new works with Deer Park FEC in the spring

Ventola Projects, a leading provider of experiential, visual and lighting solutions, has been commissioned to complete another exciting new project with an FEC facility based in New York.

Deer Park New York is the home of one of many Monster Mini Golf facilities across the United States, and like any other of its facilities, it provides nothing short of a memorable experience for families during their visit.

This project comes off the back of many other successful projects completed by Ventola Projects, through its US based distributor KOOL Amusements for the Monster Mini Golf franchise – a testament to Ventola’s continued success rates and ability to work with such facilities to deliver optimal results.

The Ventola team started production on 11 March, with finished results expected to be seen in May.

The final product will encompass many of Ventola’s trademark products, including the advanced VAvR LED lighting system, as well as engaging effective colour changing mood lighting to further enhance the facility’s offering.

Speaking to Mick Ventola, founder and managing director of Ventola Projects, he said, “It’s an honour and a delight to be working with the Monster Mini Golf management team once again.”

“Their facilities are always great fun to work on and they provide us with so much opportunity to not only bring the facility to life but to really showcase our products, too.”


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