Vennersys supplies ticketing and EPOS for Hall Place and Gardens

Vennersys has partnered leading historic visitor attraction House Hall Place and Gardens in Dartford, UK to implement VenposCloud, its integrated ticketing and EPOS system. VenposCloud unifies ticketing, membership, event management, reporting, retail, and hospitality into one user-friendly platform.

Visitors to Hall Place and Gardens can explore the Tudor Discovery Gallery, a space for families to learn more about one of the most well-known parts about English History, the Butterfly House, Plant Centre, and a Jamb Owls experience.

The Venpos Event Management module was chosen for Hall Place and Gardens as it can produce and manage a range of events from open air cinema to Bat walks. Creating and managing events is streamlined so facilities and capacities are automatically managed rather than relying on human intervention when a booking is made.

Lisa Bentham, operations associate director commented: “We’re ecstatic to be working with one of the most beautiful and vibrant Historic Houses in the UK. Hall Place and Gardens provides their visitors with a wide range of exciting experiences. We have worked in conjunction with them to provide an integrated system which works well with all of the offerings. Our system will also provide them with valuable data insights which can improve the business and visitor experience. We wanted to provide a system, which was tailored to this venue’s specific needs, so we provided a bespoke financial integration into the council’s payment gateway. We are confident that our solution will lead to improved efficiency and higher revenues for Hall Place and Gardens.”

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