Valo Motion unveils Stomp Squad for ValoJump

Valo Motion has announced the launch of Stomp Squad, an innovative co-op multiplayer experience for its mixed-reality trampoline game platform, ValoJump. Stomp Squad expands Valo Motion’s library of titles and is a spin-off of Super Stomp, one of the company’s most popular ValoJump experiences.

“Valo Motion is incredibly excited to debut Stomp Squad, a brand-new game experience set in the vibrant universe of Super Stomp, one of ValoJump’s biggest breakthrough titles,” noted Raine Kajastila, founder and CEO of Valo Motion. “We’re committed to delivering unforgettable experiences that combine physical activity and cutting-edge technology; Stomp Squad does that while also encouraging teamwork. We can’t wait for guests to try it.”

Set in a futuristic world, Stomp Squad offers a one-of-a-kind cooperative gaming experience. Players must collaborate to protect Stomp Lake City from MegaFrog, an envious villain determined to annihilate it because of its advanced technology. This fast-paced game delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience, fostering the development of precise jumping, teamwork, and spatial awareness skills.

ValoJump seamlessly integrates advanced motion tracking and augmented reality technology, blurring the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. When combined with Stomp Squad’s collaborative gameplay, ValoJump offers fun and interaction for players of all ages. The cooperative gameplay mechanics encourage players to jump and move on the trampoline, to stomp on robots, and engage with friends in exciting new ways. Stomp Squad is an enjoyable social experience, in which players actively engage with each other to progress through the game.

Stomp Squad exemplifies Valo Motion’s ability to leverage advanced technology to craft experiences and commitment to its core philosophy of encouraging fun through athletics.

Stomp Squad players embark on a heroic mission to save Stomp Lake City from the clutches of the terrifying MegaFrog. They must strategically stomp on robot enemies to collect fuel and power up their ship. While the game offers an engaging single-player mode, the ultimate challenge lies in joining forces with friends and combining jumping skills to stop MegaFrog’s reign of destruction.

Stomp Squad is suitable for single tickets, group tickets, and parties, and is designed to attract more visitors, and encourage return visits. As with all other Valo Motion products, ValoJump and its diverse suite of games require no attendant, no headset, and no handheld controllers. By eliminating barriers to fun for players, Valo Motion has solved one of the most frustrating aspects of virtual and mixed-reality entertainment: the need for costly trained staff.

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