Valo Motion celebrates 1000th sold unit

Valo Motion has sold its 1000th active mixed reality gaming system. This serves as a testament to the value that Valo Motion games bring to amusements and activity parks, as digital components are employed more to attract the next generation of gamers into their facilities. About 70,000 people enjoy Valo Motion products around the world every day at its installations in over 65 countries.

“1000 units sold around the world means that we have created a product that park operators and players really love,” said Raine Kajastila, CEO of Valo Motion. “For us, this isn’t just about a number, it’s more about what that number represents. It’s proof that what we think are fun, active games for gen z and gen alpha are something that really works for everyone.”

The pandemic was undoubtedly a challenging time for the amusement industry as companies that count on gatherings of both young and old fun seekers to drive business forward were severely limited in the services they could offer. Having the right games in place that could still be played without physical contact and proper distancing became important to the survival of these businesses. Products like Valo Motion’s AR trampoline game ValoJump sold surprisingly well because people were able to have fun without having to touch objects or other people. By 2021, Valo Motion had already recovered to pre-pandemic numbers, and has now grown above them.

“As an owner operator, we have relied on Valo Motion products since 2017,“ added Clémence Baudier, founder of MadMonkey in Montpellier, France. “The company has proven its trustworthiness with high quality and Valo Motion’s service is available to us whenever we need it. We think that is the recipe for their success over the last years. The products are super fun for our customers and as an investment, they truly stand the test of time.”

Valo Motion’s multi-million Euro annual revenue has been the key to its rapid startup growth without outside investment. This independence enables them to stay true to their roots and their mission of helping people to discover true joy in movement and exercise. Since 2016, over 42 million active games have been played globally, and countless smiles have been shared during Valo Motion’s fun, movement based Mixed Reality gaming experiences. Most recently, the company installed its first premier installations of ValoArena in Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany with more to come in 2022. They are now taking orders for Q4 installations around the world.

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