UNIS Technology launches TekyGo!

UNIS Technology has launched TekyGo! – an interactive gaming platform, designed to support physical activity and developmental learning for children ages two to six.

TekyGo! is a unique game console that integrates arcade technology with children’s exercise toys (also known as “exergaming”). TekyGo! fuses online education with popular children’s toys, such as a trampoline, to create a first-of-its-kind experience designed to activate children’s mind and body at the same time. TekyGo! encourages the development of gross motor, language, and STEM skills for children six years old and under. Every game created for the TekyGo! Portal encourages learning, movement, and imagination.

TekyGo! Plus is its newest plug-and-play version for FEC operators and commercial use. There are very few FEC products available for toddlers and children under six years old, hence TekyGo! is a first-to-market game console created specifically for that age group. Businesses can easily capture this market segment by creating a small zone within their FEC and set up a two- player or four-player station.


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