UNIS moves into Colombia

UNIS has linked up with a local construction firm to build a new Galactika project in Colombia.

The construction firm is in charge of building a family themed restaurant called ReKreo for a new location in the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia.

Camilo Amezquita, sales representative for UNIS in South America, commented: “Traditional entertainment centres in Colombia have been primarily based in shopping malls. It is exciting to see a FEC such as Galactika opening inside the ReKreo project, a free standing restaurant/entertainment centre in Tenjo, Colombia with 14 games that UNIS supplied directly. Tenjo is a small town community where visitors come from the city with their children to visit the farms and countryside while quickly becoming a culinary hotspot. This is big news for UNIS because this is one of the first of such projects starting to catch on in Colombia, very much away from the traditional shopping mall FEC.”

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