Unique multisensory game opens in Slovenia

Sensperience is the name of a unique new multisensory escape game from Enigmarium in Slovenia, developed together with international team Morpheus.

This ‘immersive, gamified theatre experience’ sees players sitting blindfolded as a game master guides them through their mission with vivid, theatrical descriptions over the course of 90 minutes.

Accompanying are special multisensory effects, including sounds, smells, usable objects and the interactive voices of different live characters. The use of players’ senses has an active influence on the game.

This unique attraction focuses on psychological triggers for the imagination, as the story develops based on guests’ reactions. To achieve this in a convincing and emotionally engaging way, Enigmarium collaborated with military psychologists at the Morpheus game team. These specialists use similar techniques to cure PTSD and to emulate critical situations.

Further pushing psychological effects, Sensperience has also worked with AromaPrime, which specialises in using smells to encourage specific behaviours and emotional reactions. In the show’s arsenal of olfactory effects are the scents of hospitals and sewers, to give two examples.

Liam R. Findlay, attractions scenting consultant at AromaPrime, says: “This is an incredibly unique show, with an impressive focus on how the senses can affect us psychologically. As we know at AromaPrime, from our work on many scare attractions, emergency service simulations and live theatre venues like The London Dungeon, having your vision cut off can heighten your other senses, and whatever you hear or smell becomes a lot more powerful on a deep, emotional level. That said, this is not a scary experience!

“There is nothing that sparks our primal reactions and imaginations more than the unknown, and Sensperience’s careful symphony of theatrical storytelling, threaded into multisensory triggers, is sure to have a profound influence on players as they interact, and their adventure flourishes in real time.”

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