Trends in post-pandemic out-of-home entertainment & arts

Experiential destination design company White Hutchinson has re-activated its Leisure eNewsletter with an article co-authored by Bob Cooney, sharing 27 trends predicted to reshape location-based entertainment & arts in the post-pandemic era.

“There is no doubt that the novel coronavirus has upended just about every facet of life as we knew it, including causing a total disruption to out-of-home entertainment and arts (OOH E&A),” the article states. “Covid has acted like a time machine, propelling 2020 five to ten years into the future. It has been an accelerant to many trends that were already underway, as well as creating some new ones.”

Significant trends and changes identified as shaping the LBE market include an increasing bifurcated market, working from home, nesting and hometainment and spending more time in nature. The article also identifies migration to the virtual world as a key change, noting that compares to pre-pandemic, time spent on digital leisure has been increasing. For all Americans age 15+, time spent on digital leisure (mostly at home) has increased by 11%, nearly 20 minutes a day over the 15 years before the coronavirus.

You can take a look at the full list of trends and sign up for the White Hutchinson newsletter here.

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