Trampoline road show backs up standards launch

Following the recent launch of its new set of industry Standards, the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) last week supported a tour of four cities.

The events were run by Neil Adebowale and Frank Adebowale from Independents, specialists and market leaders in business insurances, in association with Allianz, as well as the IATP UK Chairman, Peter Brown.
At the events, which were held in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Bristol, members of the IATP UK sub committee spoke to current and potential IATP members about all aspects of running a trampoline park, from the importance of adhering to the new safety standards that were launched last month to insurance advice.
Since the launch of a British Standards Institution Publically Available Standard (PAS), published for the first time this month here, interest in the sector has grown exponentially. However, in light of many recent news stories, those involved in parks or wishing to get involved, are becoming much more aware of the need to follow standards and run parks with the highest level of safety and integrity.
The events covered a broad range of topics including: The launch of the Standards, the growth in demand for a tailored insurance scheme, the benefits of IATP membership, best practice and the safe operation of parks by operators.
Neil Adebowale, IATP UK committee member and director of Independents insurers, commented: “The roadshow has been a huge success, filled with operators and potential operators keen to learn as much as possible about the industry and best practice at every level. We believe that we have provided people with a great insight into the changes for the better within the industry and will now be working hard to push this out nationwide.”
The sessions also provided information on the safety and operational aspects of the new standards and how best to put them in place, as well as an insight into how word is starting to spread about safety in parks through an intensive media campaign that has attracted national interest from programmes such as; Good Morning Britain, BBC Radio 2, Five Live and children’s news programme, Newsround.
As of August, a park will need to comply to the BSI standards to join the IATP. Therefore, they areadvising people to look for the IATP sticker on the door of any trampoline park that they are considering entering.
For further information about the IATP visit its website here.
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