Timing is everything in new Bay Tek release Squiggle

Squiggle, Bay Tek’s latest lively redemption game is now available for purchase. Players credit up and count down to the drop of 18 red balls into the squiggly playfield – and the aim of the game is to time the drop of the yellow ball just right, winning points according to where it lands in the mix. There are bonus points on offer for hitting the bonus spot, and a do-over is allowed if the player misses completely.

“This game is 100% unique – the gameplay is unlike anything in the field. Plus it has a great vertical presence without taking up a huge footprint. Squiggle is the creative game that our industry needs right now,” said Todd Louthain, account manager at Bay Tek.

With its glowing oversized button, animated lighting, and engaging sound package, Squiggle is largely a mechanical game that offers players an experience that can’t be had at home. Boasting a vertical presence and exciting appearance, Squiggle’s skill-based gameplay will entice repeat play, fuelled by that oh-so-close feeling.

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