Tigapo to unveil new AI advances

Tigapo, the cloud-based arcade management and monetisation system designed for coin-operated machines, has developed an AI capability, based on neural network and deep learning technologies, that can predict consumer actions and trigger real-time in-app messages to drive personalised customer promotions based on actual game play and location.

Tigapo’s new machine learning algorithm continues to learn and improve; the more data it analyses, the more accurate it becomes in predicting complicated consumer behaviours. For example, the algorithm can predict with a high level of accuracy, based on play patterns and other guest behaviour, when a guest is highly likely to leave a location. The Tigapo app can then trigger a push notification directly to the player’s smartphone with a unique offer or an incentive to encourage additional play, substantially enhancing customer engagement. Additionally, this AI enables operators to implement dynamic pricing based on users’ habits, and to directly maximise consumer satisfaction while optimising revenue.

“Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, and deep learning are terms you haven’t heard in the amusement and entertainment industry until now”, noted Ted Parsons, Tigapo’s director of sales. “Tigapo is changing the game and our development in this area will radically improve the way operators and locations are able to connect with their customers and drive incremental revenue.”

In a retail location deployment this summer, on average users spent 21% more money using the Tigapo app versus the legacy installed card-based payment system. “We are excited by the Tigapo solution and all the possibilities it represents for our industry”, noted George Smith, president and CEO of Family Entertainment Group, a recognised industry leader in operations of amusement locations.

“In addition to the technology that enables deeper customer connections, Tigapo provides powerful payment features fully compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as tools for location management”, noted Sid Banon, chief executive of Tigapo’s U.S. operations. “With Tigapo, operators have access to meaningful real-time business intelligence and analytics on their smartphones, as well as tools for dynamic management of their machines, all of which improves operating efficiencies for their venues.”

The Tigapo solution is an innovative combination of hardware and software designed for coin operated machines which easily integrates with existing bill validator, coin mech and any other payment systems. It consists of an easy-to-install device with a 5” HD screen that utilises an NFC (near field communications) antenna as a means for device-to-device connection, with or without a smartphone, as well as utilising Wi-Fi & cellular channels.

The Tigapo team will be pleased to meet with operators for demonstrations of the system in in Booth 1808 at the IAAPA Expo tradeshow in Orlando, from November 19 – 22. Be sure to call 866-6TIGAPO or email sales@tigapo.com to set up a time to demo the product

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