THEMING: Motiongate creates Dragon land

Motiongate in Dubai has added a new How to Train Your Dragon-themed attraction area, based on the hit DreamWorks film series.

The new dragon land features fully-immersive rides and attractions including the Swinging Viking, a ship-based adventure; Camp Viking, an interactive, adventure play area with crawl netting, dragon training tools and dueling Viking ships and flagship coaster, Dragon Gliders, with next generation ride technology to bring a multi-sensory experience where riders learn to fly with Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and Stormfly on their own Dragon Glider as they embark on an  journey to the secret Forbidden Isles,  and see the legendary lights of Berk.

It features exclusive content created by DreamWorks Animation exclusively for Motiongate Dubai, plus programmable ride systems, 360-degree rotating ride vehicles, built-in audio, massive multimedia projections and more.

Guests can also eat at the Viking-inspired Dragon Flame Grill, serving foods such as dragon fired shawarmas, dragon inspired curries and dragon desserts.

How to Train Your Dragon Land is just one of the four lands included in the DreamWorks Zone based on the studio’s popular blockbuster animation hits including Shrek;  Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar

All combined, the lands feature 12 rides and attractions including four live experiences, four themed dining outlets and five themed retailed stores.

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