THEMING: Leolandia adds Stilton flavour

Italian family theme park, Leolandia, has added a new themed attraction – Geronimo Stilton and the Pirates in a Bottle.

It was created with licensor Atlantyca Entertainment,  and will occupy around 310 square metres of the park, on Pirates Bay.

Geronimo Stilton is a mouse-journalist character that features in books translated into 49 languages, published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme with 32 million copies sold in Italy and over 140 million worldwide.

“The significant increase in visitors over the last three years, which has been even more considerable during the first months in 2017, has led Leolandia to be the first theme park for families in Italy, as well as a reference point among European theme parks, with over 1 million visitors that are expected to come throughout the season,” David Tommaso, Leolandia’s new marketing and sales executive said.

“Since 2014, Leolandia has been hosting the most popular cartoon characters and developing dedicated areas, as well as immersive storytelling that recreate their worlds. Leolandia is the park where children’s dreams come true. For all these reasons, we are very satisfied with the creation development of Geronimo Stilton attraction: it perfectly meets the project vision of the park and completes our offer by targeting children in a higher age group. Moreover, our partnership with Atlantyca shows how two Italian companies, leaders in the industry, can cooperate in creating an international successful case history”.

“This is such an extraordinary opportunity for us,” Rachele Geraci, Atlantyca’s live manager, added. “We are so excited to be part of the Leolandia’s great family and to be part of such an amazing and wonderful children’s destination. Geronimo Stilton is all about children, family and having a good time with adventures. The joy of bringing fun and excitement to kids is what he personifies.”

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