THEME PARKS: 4-D Ride for Legoland Deutschland

Legoland Deutschland Resort starts the season with a new Ninjago World park area this year.It is part of the €9.2 million Merlin Entertainments Group has invested in the park, and is the largest single investment at Legoland Deutschland since its opening.

The themed area is almost 7,000 square meters (75,347 sq ft) and features a ninja monastery designed with many numerous Lego models. More than one million Lego bricks were used for the area where guests can meet the Ninjago heroes Zane, Kai, Cole, Jay, Lloyd, Nya and Master Wu.

The main attraction is the interactive 4D Lego Ninjago The Ride., featuring innovative hand gesture technology.

The aim is to practice the elemental ninja skills, particularly, to master the Ninjago elements: lightning, fire, ice and earth. During the journey through the Lego themed temple, the guest will pass by different 3D-scenes, which were created by Master Wu as single training rooms.

On board special vehicles, the passenger can shoot flashes, fire balls, ice fountains, and air blasts against their virtual trainings enemies by simply using their hands. Effects like light and fog create a 4D-illusion. The ninja training is suddenly interrupted by The Great Devourer attacking the temple and everyone has to work together and join their powers for the grand finale.

Before entering the temple Ninjago fans can practice ninja skills on different stages. Younger guests can be creative in a Lego Duplo area and older builders can enjoy the Lego monastery landscape.

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