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Animal Party walks on the wild side!

Animal Party is a new two-person, animal-themed bingo game from Harry Levy. Players use skill and luck to light up as many of the red, green and blue lanes as they can, earning tickets and building bonuses.

Butterfly Pusher turns heads at ACOS

Visitors to the ACOS show at the start of this month were impressed by the beauty of Harry Levy’s latest pusher; Butterfly. The six-player pusher features a massive butterfly-shaped top box which glows in ever-changing colours to create the…

Harry Levy reports successful DEAL Show

Following the DEAL Show, Harry Levy has returned with reports of a full order book and a successful exhibition. This year, the company showed The Go Bananas whacker, utilising the popular Despicable Me Minions licence (licensed from…

Harry Levy goes bananas at ATRAX

Along with distributors Meridyen and Trio Games, Harry Levy has returned from a successful ATRAX show in Istanbul. Visitors particularly enjoyed the Despicable Me themed Go Bananas and DC Comic-themed Justice League whackers from Harry…