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Park Avenue Open Day returns

Park Avenue Open Day will open once again with Electrocoin and UDC, on June 8 at the Park Avenue estate in West London. The event will follow all the old traditions dating back to the first Park Avenue in 1987, including…

Skill Cut Winner goes to the fair

Electrocoin’s Skill Cut Winner, which can be found at all major FECs, theme parks, bowling centres and single sites throughout the UK, is now a big winner with travelling fairs. Fairs have seen the earning potential and are starting to add…

Beatlemania comes to The Brunswick Centre

London’s Brunswick Centre, in Russell Square, is set to host a three-week pop up store featuring limited edition Beatles-inspired pinball machines. Open from Thursday 29th November to Wednesday 12th December, shoppers and pinball fans will…

Go Go Chicken

Electrocoin’s new game, GoGo Chicken, is a capsule vending machine also designed for the redemption market.