SYSTEMS: Suzohapp backed by Namco Funscape

Suzohapp’s Scan Coin ICP Active-9 coin sorter has been endorsed by Namco Funscape.

Namco Funscape at the Trafford Centre in Manchester hosts indoor family activities, such as bowling, games, pool and dodgems, to name just a few.

The Scan Coin ICP Active-9 is the only sorter in the market that can sort nine different denominations into separate bags. It makes use of advanced sensor technology to provide fast, accurate and versatile coin sorting. Furthermore, invalid or fraudulent coins or tokens are always rejected.

Intelligent Coin Processing is designed to be user-friendly and reliable, thus ensuring optimal operational uptime. The custom configuration program enables operators to simply change the coin sorting program and thus stipulate which types of coins / tokens are sorted into which bags.

Tommy Nasser, general manager of Namco Funscape, said: “This is an extremely reliable product and the coin sorting speed is fantastic. The installation and training were exemplary. The ICP Active-9 is simple to use and its speed saves us valuable time. The ICP Active-9 fits to our needs perfectly.”

John Vallis, sales director for Suzohapp in the UK and vice president of amusement sales EMEA, added: “The ICP Active-9 is the toughest sorter in the business. This is because its robust, cast-iron base was developed in conjunction with makers of castings for Formula One racing. This is the single biggest reason why the ICP Active-9 can continuously and reliably process over one million coins per shift.”

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