SYSTEMS: ECB approval for Innovative NVs

Innovative Technology has gained independent approval from the European Central Bank (ECB) for its note validator (NV) range.

The ECB authenticate validators that successfully recognise the difference between genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes. ITL’s NV9 USB+, NV10 USB+, NV200 and new NV200 Spectral all received a 100% pass rate during testing last month at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam.

Damian Roach, Test Currency Engineer, conducted the test in Amsterdam. He said: “Once again, we are proud to have passed the ECB’s strict testing process. The test results independently acknowledge the reliability of our note validator range for their ability to identify genuine Euro banknotes and reject counterfeits. Products were tested with the latest version of our SPF technology and passed 100%. We are constantly developing our global currency dataset files, adding new issue notes and known frauds, to ensure we maintain our leading acceptance rates across our note validator range.”

The test results are published to help manufactures choose the counterfeit detection equipment most suitable for their needs. The full listing of the test results can be found on the ECB’s website.

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