Step into the Game – Funovation

funThis company believes fun should be bright and play interactive. “That is why we set out to create attractions that require brain and brawn and have just the right amount of moxie to bring out the kid in us all,” said a spokesperson. Its premier attraction, the Laser Maze Challenge invites players to ‘Step into the Game’ and star in their own immersive, action-packed laser adventure.Using agility, quick thinking, and speed, players must navigate their way through a field of laser beams in the fastest time possible, while engaging in Mission Objectives along the way.

Now offering two games in one interactive attraction, the Laser Maze Challenge is said to be the perfect booster attraction for and centre looking to improve the guest experience and footfall. “Whether your Laser Maze Challenge is going into an existing room that you want to reinvent or you are building an entirely new space, we will work with you to create a unique, profitable experience that will have players coming back for more,” said the company.


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