Spring Pinball Tournament to take place at Enada

IFPA Italia is teaming up with Tecnoplay and Stern Pinball to organise a tournament valid for world ranking at Enada Spring. The tournament is being held in partnership with Rimini Fiera and is sponsored by the SAPAR National Association. It also has the support of GiocoNews magazine, the event’s media partner.

The contest, entitled Spring Pinball Tournament, is now in its sixth year. A main event will be staged on all three expo days (16 – 18 March 2016), with two side tournaments being held on the first two expo days as single events.

A series of new pinball machines, presented by Tecnoplay and Stern Pinball, will be put at the disposal of the tournament’s players. Stern’s latest machine, ‘Game of Thrones’ will be used, along with the ‘Spider-Man Vault Edition’ and the eagerly awaited ‘Ghostbusters’ machine, which has just gone into production.

The first of the three tournaments will take place on Wednesday 16 March and will be played on the new Ghostbusters machine. In order to celebrate competitive pinball, current World Champion Daniele Acciari (who has won the title three times for Italy) will be there, ahead of competing at the sport’s 2016 World Championships.

The event’s program is as follows:

Wednesday 16 March

12 noon – 6:00 pm: Heats for the main “Ghostbusters” tournament

11:00 am – 5:00 pm: Heats for satellite tournament 1

5:00 pm: Finals of side tournament 1

Wednesday 17 March

10:30 am – 6:00 pm: Heats for the main “Game of Thrones” tournament

10:00 am – 5:00 pm: Heats for satellite tournament 2

5:00 pm Finals of side tournament 2

Thursday 18 March

10:30 am – 1:00 pm: Heats for the main tournament

1:30 pm: Finals of the main tournament


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