Soundnet’s charts reflect UK’s varied tastes

The diversity of the current music scene is reflected in the fact that the most played Soundnet jukebox tracks for 2015 are all by different artists. Across the top 100 most played tracks, no one artist could be said to dominate, but with three entries each; Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, and perennial favourites Oasis have a strong showing.

As well as the diversity of artists, the range of genres also shows that jukebox users have eclectic tastes. Dance music has a slightly higher rate of play than other genres. However, once again no one Dance artist dominates, but there are a plethora of Dance singles that manage to take over the national tastes just by being strong tracks. These include; Omi – Cheerleader, Philip George – Wish You Were Mine, David Zowie – House Every Weekend, Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me? all of which appear in the top 30.

“This lends further weight to the idea that people are less fixated on a single artist and more inclusive in their taste, a by-product perhaps of streaming where the listening experience is to flit from one artist or genre to another with ease” said Lee Taylor – Head of Music at Soundnet.

“These charts demonstrate that the high earning tracks are new releases. As an operator you need to ensure your jukeboxes are fully up to date.  The delay of even a few days can mean a loss of significant income,” advised Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte. “The chart also shows the importance of classic tracks. Some of these older songs have made operators hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds,” he added.

“2015 has been a good year for Soundnet – we have potentially revolutionised the UK jukebox market with the further expansion of our rental deals for coin-operators where we offer new jukeboxes with music costs starting at just £20.95 a week for the latest Milestones jukebox. After 3 years and a final payment and the jukebox is yours,” added Toby.

“We have seen expansion of our soundjack service both in terms of jukebox sites using the service and the steady roll out of our own soundjack BGM system.  2016 will be a big year for soundjack – we fully anticipate putting soundjack in 2500 sites in 2016,” he concluded.


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