Sneak previews and special offers from the VR Summit at Amusement Expo

Amusement Expo is next week in Las Vegas, and industry veteran Bob Cooney is to host the 5thAnnual Location-based VR Summit – presented by Springboard VR. “With so much happening I’ve expanded the event to two days and added a VR Industry Reception at the amazing Area 15 experiential entertainment district,” he said.


Here, Bob gives a sneak peek at some of the exciting product developments, special offers, and news announcements.


Springboard Vertigo Games - Black

Vertigo Games and Springboard VR are back as our presenting sponsor. Springboard VR is the premium game distribution and operations platform for the VR arcade industry. They’ve become a great partner in this event, and are stepping up their support of our industry. John Coleman, Vertigo’s CFO, is helping me form the AAMA Virtual Reality Committee. More on that committee formation, mission, and agenda coming after the show.


SpringboardVR helps hundreds of VR Arcades, FECs, and Educational institutions around the globe to power their operations. They make starting a VR Arcade easy, whether its choosing equipment, finding the right software, or licensing good content. Their free-roam launcher allows you to scale your business while giving the most immersive experience with an affordable startup cost. Put your customers center stage with their fully immersive, self-directed VR environment. Their launcher allows the user to effortlessly preview, launch, and switch games, “call for help”, and extend time – all from within the headset. Enjoy immediate access to over 300 titles on the SpringboardVR Marketplace that you can install across any & all stations with their “one-click-install” functionality. Stop by at booth 1332 and ask about their VR Summit / Amusement Expo offer!

HTC Vive

After years of courtship, I am pleased to announce that HTC is sponsoring the LBVR Summit.


They’ll be talking about the future of VR Arcades and showcasing their newest products and software solutions that are uniquely tailored for our industry. I am really stoked about the new Vive Focus 3 headset. I predict it will become the standard setup for free-roam VR this year. Dave Myers, their Director of Enterprise Technical Services, has been a huge supporter of our industry, working with manufacturers, gathering our unique requirements, and delivering on them with great product features. Dave will be there along with Amir Khorram, HTC’s head of enterprise sales.

The ValoArena

ValoMotion might be the biggest little company in the XR (extended reality) market with more than 700 installations in over 60 countries. The company that brought the world the amazing ValoClimb augmented climbing wall and the ValoJump mixed reality trampoline game, is going to be previewing the new mixed reality ValoArena. Click here to view the video. It’s cool.

It’s an exciting new product in a category that is just emerging. Mixed reality offers immersion without headsets. So you get higher throughput, lower labor burden, and less maintenance. It also offers the potential for engaging spectator experiences too, which drive ticket sales. Valo Motion has done a really good job creating replayable mixed reality games, so I have high hopes for this new entry into the immersive entertainment mix.

Valo Motion logo

Think the ValoArena might be right for your location? They are looking for a pilot customer. If you or someone you know might be interested, just reply to this email and I can introduce you.

LAI Games

LAI Games will be showcasing the game that proved unattended VR was possible in LBE: Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. It’s still the number one rated VR sim. It’s the product I always recommend as a starting point if you’re dipping your toe in the VR waters.


They now bundle the game with 6 experiences. And for the early adopters who have yet to update with THE Big Expansion Pack, stop by booth #305 and grab a chance to win the Big Expansion Pack FREE.


And while I am looking forward to the VR version expected in late 2023, the next best thing is the brand-new Asphalt 9 Deluxe Motion Simulator, which puts you behind the wheel in 1 of 20 supercars like Lamborghini, Porsche and more. With attention down to the last detail, Asphalt 9 is the hottest racing game of 2022, exclusively from LAI. It’s in stock and ready to ship. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Creative Works

Maybe the biggest surprise of the last year is how Creative Works is becoming a dominant player in the VR distribution landscape. What started as a single product collaboration with Hologate has turned into a diverse VR arcade product line from multiple partners. On display this year with be the product version of SpongeBob SquarePants VR: Dynamic Duo. It’s a two player, unattended driving/shooting simulator from the same company that brought us the amazing Hyperdeck.

sponge bob

Creative Works will also be showcasing the production version of Hoops Madness, the VR basketball collaboration between VRstudios and VRsenal. It’s been testing at Dave and Busters and early returns are positive. VRstudios has promised more ball-sport oriented games for the platform.

 One of the themes of the VR Summit this year is esports, and Creative Works will be showing their Game Up Esports console. It’s being successfully used as a birthday party attraction in some FECs. Stop by Booth 1139, shoot some Hoops, Crabby Patties, and ask about esports.

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