Smash Room expands with second venue

The Smash Room allows visitors to unwind and have fun by smashing everything in sight, from washing machines, printers, guitars and glass objects, to TVs, DVDs and CPUs. Following its initial success in Al Quoz, Dubai, the UAE company has now opened a second venue, a franchise location in Abu Dhabi.

The Smash Room is now aiming to expand further and draw in a larger audience by expanding into lucrative markets in Saudi Arabia and India.

First established five years ago, The Smash Room is a distinctive addition to the entertainment landscape in the UAE and has established itself as a market leader after creating a strong business model.

Co-founders Hiba Balfaqih and Ibrahim Abudyak‘s difficult personal experiences served as the inspiration for this novel approach to leisure and entertainment. As a result, they decided to create a therapeutic and secure environment where people can let off steam or release pent-up energy by smashing everyday items.

With the enormous potential in the Indian and Saudi Arabian markets, The Smash Room is now actively seeking collaborations with franchisers that share the same vision as its founders The brand aims to adapt in order to provide a memorable experience while smoothly integrating with regional values.

Abudyak comments: “We just opened a franchise location in Abu Dhabi, and this ignited our enthusiasm and passion in expanding our business internationally to reach a wider audience who are seeking to explore unique experiences like this.”

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