SG Gaming announces updates to Category C games

Following the triennial jackpot increase to £100 on Category C machines, SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS), has announced upgrades to some of its best performing games to offer the additional £30 jackpot.

The new regulations, which came into effect on 15 January, have increased the maximum jackpot from £70 to £100 on Category C machines. It is the first jackpot increase since 2009.

“We have been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months to get content ready for the triennial announcement. Ten games have been adapted to the new jackpot limit, including classic community games like Money Mad Martians® and Rainbow Riches® Party,” said Rick Mountney, director of content development at SG Gaming.

Commenting on the move, Phil Horne, Group Managing Director of SG Gaming U.K., said, “It was important for us to support our customers with the widest range of £100 jackpot games as soon as the new regulations came into effect. We are offering both our classic games, including our successful community games, and a choice of new games to customers across Triple 7 terminals.

“They have been well received by both operators and players. Our games have a track record of driving cashbox revenue, and we expect the £30 increase in the jackpot to add to their popularity.”

SG Gaming’s full range of game updates are supported by the availability of top box artwork and a marketing kit to help customers launch the new games and jackpot. The games and supporting artwork are available through SG Gaming’s distributors Crown Direct, Deith Leisure and AMG Leisure. SG Gaming’s after sales department can also provide customers with relevant support and information.

In addition to the updates, SG Gaming has launched Super Repeater, a new £100 community game available as part of a three player Triple 7 package. The package includes three Triple 7 terminals, themed artwork, and a choice of six Category C titles from a range of classic titles such as Money Mad Martians® and Rainbow Riches®.

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