Semnox releases support for e-invoicing integration for Saudi Arabian clients

Semnox, a leading provider of all-in-one solutions for parks and FECs has upgraded all its customers in the Saudi region to adapt to the newly implemented e-invoicing compliance, following the Saudi government’s move to make e-invoicing mandatory for all taxpayers subject to VAT from 4 December, 2021.

Semnox’s e-invoicing integration is fully compliant with the regulations laid down as per the ZATCA guidelines with the QR code in Base64 encoding. Semnox has upgraded 13 locations in the region, and this was accomplished with zero down time. Semnox is now gearing up for the Phase 2 of the digital invoicing integration which is planned to be incorporated from 1 January, 2023.

Semnox’s focus on customer service, innovation, and adaptation to futuristic needs of the industry has kept Semnox at the forefront of operations, making it one of the most sought-after solutions for FEC’s and Parks.

“Semnox is happy to announce that our products support the newly implemented e-invoicing regulations put forward by the government of KSA. Being a complete solution provider, we believe that it is important for us to scale up to provide for the changing requirements of the venues without impacting the business operations, and we have been able to achieve this,” said Vinayaka Kamath, business head – Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Semnox’s solutions are used by more than 2200 FEC’s and 200 parks worldwide, providing RFID-based cashless and ticketing solutions for family parks, adventure parks, water Parks, FECs, arcades and more.

The company’s FEC and cashless offerings include wireless debit cards and readers, POS, inventory and redemption, self service kiosks, and food and beverage sales, among others.

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