Semnox Parafait Enables Cashless Operations at Funtasia, Ireland

Funtasia Theme Parks, Ireland, has become the latest venue to join the list of satisfied Semnox clientele with its successful adoption of cashless automation through Parafait.

With centres in Drogheda and Bettystown, Funtasia is a popular attraction with people of all ages given its exciting rides, indoor arcade, and food and beverages outlets. The first phase of automation at its Drogheda centre has now been completed by Semnox.

Funtasia chose Semnox to help it transition from coin-based operations to RFID cards. These RFID cards just have to be tapped on readers and offer easy readability in tough ambient conditions. The versatile RFID cards can be used at the food and beverage counters with kitchen ticketing functionality. Combined with the integrated bank card payment processing system, these RFID cards have enabled Funtasia to turn cashless.

“We chose to work with Semnox to adopt a cashless solution after seeing their 360° solution at some amusement parks in the UK. We are keen to utilize all the solutions that Semnox has to fully automate our parks. The first phase of installation has gone well and we are looking forward to the next,” says Bernard McCormick, owner, Funtasia Theme Parks.

In addition to RFID cards, Funtasia has installed Lumin readers to operate the arcade and Xter readers as money/entitlement deduction agent at the rides. Semnox’s digital signage has been used to display advertisements and the food menu among other information.

“The implementation that was carried out in phases has been very well-planned and executed. Semnox has been able to provide solutions for different kinds of business operations at Funtasia,” adds McCormick.

With Semnox’s loyalty and membership module, Funtasia can now create exciting offers for guests while the automated gift redemption module helps prevent pilferage and provide efficient customer service.  Using the inventory module makes it easy for Funtasia staff to ensure stock management of food, beverages, and gift items.

“Funtasia is one of the popular and large indoor theme parks in the Dublin region. We are extremely proud to add Funtasia to our clientele list and it has been a great association with Mr Bernard McCormick and Mr Connor over the last eight months. We have been able to completely automate the operation at Funtasia – from arcade management to stock management to digital advertising and ticketing. We look forward to Phase 2 of the project where many more functions such as online ticketing, self-service kiosk, and RFID lockers will be automated using the cashless solution from Semnox ,” says Vinayaka Kamath, business head – Europe & CIS, Semnox Solutions.

Funtasia has opted for nearly 300 readers for the arcade, 12 rides, 13 F&B counters, and digital signage. The next phase of implementation will include the installation of integrated self-service kiosks, integrated RFID lockers, kitchen management system with kitchen display system, and integrated online booking and party reservation module.

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