Sega reveals big-hitting IAAPA line-up

Arcade giant promises games in every major category

Sega says it will be offering games from every major category, from video to redemption, prize to kid’s and sports games, at this year’s IAAPA show.

Arguably its biggest launch will be Daytona Championship USA with brand new overhead lighting. Last year Sega previewed an incomplete version of the game but will be bringing the finished article to this year’s Florida expo.

The graphics have been refined, it features a new Tournament mode and the customisation options in operator settings improve the operator-friendly nature of the racing game.

Paul Williams, CEO at Sega said: “from data we see across many countries Daytona is constantly ranking top three in FEC’s.

“The game’s Party Mode allows operators to make Daytona a centrepiece of their party offering. We’ve made setting up parties and custom tournaments simple and easy to organise. To demonstrate this epic feature, Sega encourages operators to attend the free seminars on its booth at 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm on Tuesday to Thursday and 12 pm and 2 pm on Friday.”

“Target Bravo: Operation Ghost has field-tested exceptionally well, ranking number 1 for video in the two USA test locations” added Vince Moreno, US sales manager. “The 55” atmospheric theatre cabinet, free movement controller and high-octane tactical missions delivers a quality video action game-play. Operators with limited space will be pleased to know that Sega will be introducing an upright cabinet to bring this successful licensed game to even more locations. Other licensed video games such as Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, Let’s Go Island Dream Edition will also be on stand.”

The Sonic line-up of games continues to expand and for the first time at IAAPA visitors will get to experience Sonic Baby Air Hockey. Specially designed with a narrow player field and lowered height, the game is aimed at younger kids. In additon, Sonic Basketball has had a “significant” upgrade with new reactive lighting which also produces a quick pulse like effect when a player scores.

Visitors will be able to play the full line-up of Sonic-branded games, which includes Sonic All-stars 4 player Air Hockey, Sonic Dash Extreme a video redemption game, and Sonic Blast Ball a mechanical redemption game.

Elsewhere, Magic Arrow is the follow up to prize merchandiser Key Master. Magic Arrow. Players must carefully aim the arrow at the wheel and launch it towards the wheel. A successful player will get the arrow in one of eight slots, each numbered and relating to a prize. Visitors will also see some of Sega’s other prize games including Drop It Win It, Prize Locker and Key Master Mini. Complementing the prize games Sega’s Prize division will also be on stand showing their latest plush toys and electronic products.

The firm will also be showcasing Pirate Falls, a brand new pirate-themed redemption game. Using the unique barrel controller, that rolls left to right; players have keep the pirate balanced on the log while collecting treasures that fall down the waterfall. Players have to avoid bombs thrown by the greedy evil pirate that tries to throw the pirate off the log. Power-ups help even the paying filed versus the pirate and players can collect the bonus letters to spell “Pirates” and win the super ticket bonus.

Lastly, Maze Escape is a brand new mechanical redemption game, where players have to balance, juggle and manoeuvre the ball through the maze by rotating the super-sized wheel to land the ball in the bonus zone. Players can also win other ticket values when they get the ball through one of six other win zones.

“It’s in our human nature to want to solve problems, and Maze Escape teases that part of our brain. The game is easy enough to understand how to solve, but just difficult enough that the player thinks they will get the bonus on the next go. The interaction between the wheel and maze feels great. It also puts players in control of the game thus making it a 100% skill game,” added Justin Burke, general manager at Sega.

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