Sega readies Magic Arrow launch

Newest prize game set for IAAPA showing

Sega will be showcasing its newest prize game, Magic Arrow at next month’s IAAPA show. 

The game is designed to be easy to understand and will test player’s accuracy – once the game is coined up the target wheel starts spinning, players must carefully aim the arrow at the wheel and press the button to launch it towards the wheel. A successful player will get the arrow in one of eight slots, each numbered and relating to a prize.

The game features an intuitive one button control panel, eight bright LED lit targets, dynamic spinning target to draw bystander’s interest, regular and large prize holders and anti-theft tilt function.

Sega’s Justin Burke, said:  “This game is so simple to grasp and has that “one more try” gameplay appeal that makes it a winner. The size and look of it makes it ideal for all locations”.

Visitors can experience Magic Arrow and other games from Sega at IAAPA in Florida  from 14th to 17th November on stand 1606 & 1506.

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