Sega and ICE in joint development venture

Joint project with ICE will see it develop new Hoopla game

Sega has announced a joint development venture with ICE to work on Hoopla, the next game in the ICE carnival skill wall series.

Sega has worked with ICE for the past eight years,  representing and distributing the firm’s products in a number of European territories, including Russia

Hoopla is a 100 per cent skill redemption game designed with the family in mind. The object of the game is to toss the hoops on all seven hooks in a given time period. If this is done successfully the player advances to the bonus round in an attempt to win the big ticket bonus. The player has just one chance to time the toss of the hoop with the moving light, and land it on the hook as it is lit.

The game features a brightly lit eye-catching cabinet with colourful carnival theming, a conveyor belt that constantly feeds the player more hoops and a lowered wide playfield allows parents and kids, or friends to team up.

Joe Coppola, VP of Sales for ICE, said: “Sega has done a remarkable job selling our carnival series over the past 5 years throughout Europe and Russia.  They recognised the ageless and timelessness of this series of games and the appeal it has globally. So when they came to us with this concept for Hoopla, we were excited to work with them. Sega’s R&D team delivered a fantastic working prototype and working closely with the ICE development team together fine-tuned some of the mechanics, enhanced the cabinet design and particularly made the bonus feature truly exciting that added a whole new dimension to the game. The final result is an excellent sixth game that we are proud to add to the series.”

Paul Williams, CEO of Sega expanded: “We believe the combined efforts on the development side as well as the sales side will be a great formula for success.  ICE will build the product and sell it in North America, including Mexico and Canada while Sega will manufacture the product for the rest of the world.  The product has been thoroughly tested now in both Sega and ICE’s respective markets for over 6 months and we’re thrilled with the initial test results. We know that with Hoopla we have a proven great earning, great playing carnival game. Operators make space at your location the next big redemption game is here!”

Hoopla will debut for the first time at IAAPA in Orlando, Florida from 14th to 17th November with ICE (booths 1106 & 1306) and Sega (booths 1506 & 1606).

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