Sega Amusements International launches Allstars Basketball

Sega Amusements International has launched a new basketball game, Allstars Basketball.

Allstars Basketball features a 65” vertical screen, bold sporting colours, slick edge lighting, and see-through side windows.


A Player in single-player mode must get the minimum score to progress through the four-game levels. This entertaining gameplay also has three difficulty options, making Allstars Basketball perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Game results shown on screen evaluates players performance with professional statistical analysis that encourages players to improve their hoop shooting skills and inspires them to play again and again.

Allstars Basketball truly shines in multiplayer mode by creating a fun, socially competitive game environment. Players can compete in a best of three, with six game challenges as they go head-to-head. Impressively Allstars Basketball can be linked to 16 cabinets.

Experience the new Allstars Basketball and much more on Sega Amusement’s Booth 129 at Bowl Expo from June 29 to 30 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA.

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