Sacoa restarts virtual educational ‘Coffee Talks’ sessions

Last month saw cashless systems provider Sacoa presented the first edition of ‘Coffee Talks’, its virtual meet-up sessions with clients. This Spanish edition counted featured three high profile international members of the entertainment industry as guests: Miguel Angel Notario, director of Sould Park in Spain, Raúl Vazquez, general manager of City Park group in Colombia, and Martín Pagura, chairman of the subcommittee of security for LATAM and Caribe of IAAPA. The session was moderated by Pol Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa International.

Each speaker talked about the different stages they are while facing the Covid-19 situation. Sould Park, after achieving its reopening in June, has begun a new phase of closures in some of its parks due to a second wave of infections in Spain. City Park meanwhile has started reopening since October with a large number of changes due to the protocols requested by the Colombian government. In the case of Sacoa FECs in Argentina, and due to strong government regulations, the operation of its centres continues to be prohibited even with all the approved protocols, as explained by Pol Mochkovsky.

Some of the main topics discussed were the development and implementation of Covid-19 protocols, how Sacoa’s products help reduce the amount of needed physical contact, the ratio of cash used to electronic money used and how it changed in the wake of the pandemic, and the different attractions and changes needed to be able to comply with the requested guidelines.

In summary, the panelists concluded that we are facing an atypical situation, and as such we have to take exceptional measures, accept that sales may be reduced, that the daily workload will be increased whilst the staff count will be decreased, and much more – but that in the end we will succeed. We must be patient and, at the same time, commit ourselves to the health of our visitors and collaborators.

Those who could not participate in the live chat will be able to access the recording to learn and get ideas from it by following this link:

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