Sacoa launches three new solutions at IAAPA Expo

Sacoa Cashless, an industry leader in revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, has unveiled three new solutions at IAAPA Expo.

First is Kiosk Shopping Cart, a version of Sacoa Kiosk that allows the loading of more than one product on a card. Until now, the previous software version of Kiosk V15 allowed the user to choose multiple cards, but one product for each card. This new version allows the user to load different products, offered by the operator at the kiosk, in the same card.

Another novelty is the QR Code Scanning functionality for the Sacoa Kiosk. From Sacoa’s Online Sales module it is possible to generate a batch of unique codes, which after being transformed into QR codes can be redeemed by customers at the kiosk, through QR Code Scanning.

This authorises the loading of a product, which could be a Playcard with credits to play in a store.  It is an optional feature and requires additional hardware.

Another of Sacoa’s innovations is an integration with the Ordyx full restaurant system. Ordyx POS is a third-party system which offers a point of sale solution for the food service industry.

The integration allows the Ordyx POS to be used in a restaurant environment, and in addition the user can purchase, load and reload Sacoa cards, presenting many more possibilities of service offerings to the dining establishments that use this POS system.  This integration improves the efficiency and helps restaurant owners and operators maximise revenues.

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