Royal Pin chooses Brunswick for 270 lanes

Jim Doty was happy to join a group of leading proprietors to help Brunswick design the Sync center management system. He just didn’t have any intention of buying it.

“I didn’t see how new graphics in a scoring system would really impact our bottom line,” said Doty, general manager of Royal Pin Leisure Centers, which operates 270 lanes in Indianapolis. “But Sync is a lot more than scoring. Once I saw Sync’s in-center and social marketing features, along with all the management tools, I knew it would be a great way to increase sales and profitability.”

Sync will soon be up and running at Royal Pin’s four Indianapolis-area entertainment centers: Woodland Entertainment Center (70 lanes), Expo Bowling Center (80 lanes), Western Bowling Center (80 lanes), and Southern Bowling Center (40 lanes). Doty makes upgrades during league season so customers can experience—and get excited about—improvements as they happen.

Doty has been pleased with Brunswick’s installation and in-center training; in fact, Brunswick’s customer service was a key factor in Doty’s decision.

“We’ve worked with Brunswick for years, and they’ve always had our back,” said Doty. “If we have a glitch, they’re extremely responsive and helpful. Even if all the management systems on the market were equal, I would choose Brunswick based on their track record, and the confidence and trust I have in their products and service.”

Brunswick invested more than $2 million in market research and enlisted input from proprietors at several points during the design process. Research included more than 500 hours observing customer behavior in centers around the world and several years of data from more than 100 retail centers.

Sync innovations include seamless, cloud-based integration of functions; added data security; distributed architecture (for lower hardware costs and improved backup of data); an improved at-a-glance lane status dashboard; and a powerful, secure point of sale that’s easier and faster to operate.

Brunswick designed the Sync center management system to increase profitability by addressing the needs of the entire business.

“Sync really was developed with one goal in mind: to help centers increase sales and profits by addressing their biggest challenges, which our group identified as driving traffic, increasing average sales, and encouraging repeat visits,” said Brandon Meigs, Brunswick Bowling Products senior director of product development and marketing. “We recognize that consumer expectations are higher, so we developed a scoring and management system that enables proprietors to provide their bowlers with the best experience possible.”

Sync’s customer relationship manager (CRM) helps centers plan, create, target and deliver marketing messages (via email, text, social media, direct mail and more) with minimal effort.

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