Ropes Courses ties up Clip ‘n Climb deal

Agreement sees firm take on US manufacturing and distribution

Ropes Courses has signed a deal with New Zealand-based Clip ‘n Climb, to manufacture its climbing structures in Michigan and take on distribution in the North and South American markets.

To help integrate Clip ‘n Climb manufacturing and operations, RCI production manager Brad Ade recently traveled to New Zealand to learn their process to ensure a smooth transition.

“This trip allowed me to witness firsthand how their company operates and gain additional insight on how RCI can be as efficient as possible as we integrate new product construction and distribution into our operations,” he explained.

Clip ‘n Climb was founded by John Targett and Tim Wethey in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2006 and was inspired by a desire to make climbing more appealing and accessible to children and adults with limited or no climbing experience. RCI has similar roots. After opening his first zip line in1982, owner Jim Liggett recognised growing  interest in new attractions that had low staffing requirements but could accommodate high 

volume usage. RCI was established in 1989 and today employs more than 80 people as designers, engineers, and manufacturers that create, develop, and install attractions at a variety of facilities worldwide.

“We wanted to expand our portfolio to offer our customers a range of activities that keep families excited about coming to their facilities,” said Marissa Ticknor, RCI sales manager. “Clip ‘n Climb is a natural fit with our product assortment and we are eager to be collaborating with such a highly regarded company.”

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