“Pure innovation” from SUZOHAPP at EAG 2016

According to the company, “the strength and depth of SUZOHAPP as an innovator, manufacturer and distributor of amusement solutions was on clear display” during London’s recent EAG.

The products on display aroused a good deal of interest from visitors to the show. The Comesterochangers range from SUZOHAPP continues to make inroads into the market. SUZOHAPP offers a wide array of solutions to satisfy change machine requirements, including the standard model Dual Coin Pro and the high-end change machine ROCK.

SCAN COIN coin and banknote sorters/counters now firmly belong in the UK amusement market. SCAN COIN was acquired by SUZOHAPP in early 2015 and this year’s EAG presented the perfect opportunity for the SUZOHAPP team to showcase these solutions. “The feedback has been amazing”, noted John Vallis, SUZOHAPP UK Sales Director and Vice President Amusement Sales EMEA. “The SCAN COIN products are high quality with performance levels to match, they look and feel top class. With a proven track record in the retail and banking sectors, these products are perfectly suited for our market”, he continued.

SUZOHAPP had a wide range of SCAN COIN solutions on display, including the DTC9, that can count and sort up to nine different coin denominations at a rate of up to 600 coins per minute and the Newton, a heavy-duty two-pocket banknote sorter with an ability to count, validate and sort banknotes, at a rate of up to 1200 per minute.

A further highlight on the SUZOHAPP stand was the cashless payment system from IDEAL software solutions. SUZOHAPP are now the global distributor for American-based IDEAL.

Showcased on the SUZOHAPP stand this year was the Cash Express system complete with Self-Serve Kiosk for purchasing the Cards and allowing customers to top up or check their balance on their cards.

The POS software solution is aimed at customers who offer a range of services – such as bowling centres or Family Entertainment Centres (FECs). Traditionally each section has had its own software system, for example, the restaurant, the bowling alley, the cinema, the arcades. Each segment has its own particular needs and finding one system to cater to them all has been a challenge. IDEAL has risen to this challenge and with over 30 years of experience in the USA, SUZOHAPP can now offer these POS solutions to the global market. “The accounts, cash control, retail, bowling, snacks, arcades…IDEAL has just the one system for all of these business areas. As it is card based with a wide array of card reading possibilities, it is very customer-friendly. The customer can pay with the card anywhere in the location such as the FEC – just using the card. Furthermore, it can be bought and/or recharged on the kiosk that we also supply. The card system can be implemented onto amusement machines using colourful card readers which are simple to fit onto the machines. They even have full colour displays and sound, which further enhances the customer experience”, explained Vallis.

One of the many highlights of the software modules available is the Redemption Centre Manager (RCM), which enables Redemption/Prize shops to serve up to 15 customers at the same time, greatly reducing queues to redeem tickets/points into prizes. It can also manage prize inventory levels and even raise purchase orders to the prize suppliers, making this “the most comprehensive system on the market” according to the company.

“We also remain true to our roots in parts’ manufacturing and distribution which are key elements of our business” Vallis concluded.

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