Pleasurewood boss brings back Christmas

Festive activities return to Pleasurewood Hills after three year hiatus

Christmas is returning to the rejuvenated Pleasurewood Hills for the first time in three years.

This year will be the first since 2014 that there has been any kind of festive events at the park.

In the week leading up to Christmas Day, there will be an ice rink for the first time and the newly-renovated Castle Theatre will host Woody’s Christmas Spectacular.

After almost 12 months in the role, park manager Adam Noble explained that bringing Christmas back to Pleasurewood Hills has always been on his list of priorities.

“This is something I thought about from day one since I arrived here as manager,” said Noble.

“The park has been closed at Christmas time for a while, but now our long-term plan is to have some sort of ‘winter wonderland.’

“We were thinking of hiring an ice rink but, as it turns out, they’re not actually terribly expensive to buy. Ticket sales have so far been phenomenal; for people to have to travel to Norwich or Ipswich for an ice rink is ludicrous.”

The Castle Theatre renovation project has included upgrades to the venue’s entrances and exits, the installation of a bar area, and an entire repainting of the interior.

“The main stage and the auditorium are just about complete. There’s still a little more work to be done but it will be finished over the next couple of weeks,” added Noble

“Next year we’re going to have something that people in this area have never seen before.”

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