PARKS: Toverland reveals €30m Merlin-themed expansion

Dutch park Toverland is undergoing its biggest expansion to date, with a new entrance and a new themed area scheduled for 2018.

The new facilities will see the park increase by one and a half times in size. Today, during an exclusive press conference at EAS Berlin,  the firm announced that the new themed area will be called Avalon, based on the legend of Merlin.

Its theme was inspired by Celtic legends about the famous wizard Merlin, King Arthur and the magical sword Excalibur. Peter van Holsteijn, chief designer of Toverland, said: ”Avalon is a magical place with Merlin in the centre. Together with his ally Fēnix he ensures that the good magic prevails. The dark side, personi ed by the evil witch Morgana, always lurks.“

One of the key attractions will be wing coaster, Fenix, with trains that hang on either side of the track which create a flying experience. 

“The almighty rebird Fēnix arises from its own ashes every 777 years,” explained van Holsteijn. “Our guests are invited to take place under Fēnix’s wings to accompany it on its first journey after resurrection.”

The supplier of this coaster is Swiss company Bolliger & Mabillard. Fēnix will be 40 metres high, 813 metres long and reach a top speed of 95 km/h. .

Meanwhile, in the boat ride Merlin’s Quest guests can enjoy a boat trip across the waters of Avalon which lasts 12 minutes.

During the ride the boat sails into a ruin and a dark ride section. In total 14 boats sail a 430 metres track. Two boats are accessible to disabled persons. Merlin’s Quest is constructed by the German company MACK Rides, which also built the spinning coaster Dwervelwind and the water ride Backstroke in Toverland.

With seven hectares in total this is the largest expansion in the history of Toverland involving an investment of approximately €30m. The firm says it hopes to break through the one million visitor barrier in the next few years. A four star hotel resort is also planned to increase visitor dwell time.

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