PARKS: Madurodam adds new family attraction

Dutch park Madurodam is adding a fourth indoor attraction, a family experience called New Amsterdam.

It is a 15-minute long indoor family attraction in which, young and old alike can experience “the excitement of the 17th Century”. It is the fourth ‘big’ indoor attraction at the park in line with Madurodam’s ambition to combine its well-known miniatures with interactive entertainment.

The attraction consists of a pre-show on a rocking ship, followed by a high-tech main show with special effects. Visitors step aboard ‘De Vergulde Bever’ and travel from Amsterdam to New Amsterdam, the city currently known as New York.

In New Amsterdam’s town square, they will even be put to work firing cannons to keep the English at bay.

Joris van Dijk, director of Madurodam said: “It is an impressive and educational story that the Dutch can be proud of. An unbelievable amount of detail has gone into the attraction, which we built ourselves. Through the use of light, sound, vibration and even a water effect, as a visitor you really feel you are a part of the attraction. On every visit to New Amsterdam there’s something new to discover, with excitement and adventure time after time.”

The new attraction is part of Madurodam’s extension of its indoor zone. “With the arrival of New Amsterdam, we can continue to guarantee visitors innovation and expansion of our service. Everyone knows Madurodam for its miniatures in the open air, but we now have four indoor attractions, making Madurodam a great day out for the whole family even when the weather is bad”, said van Dijk.

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