PARKS: Legoland upgrading Billund park

Legoland Billund will  be marking next year’s 50th anniversary with a new ride and a revamp of key areas in the park.

The area is being expanded with a new Flyvende Ørn rollercoaster for youngsters while Lego Canoe, also gets a refurbishment, there will also be an update of the park entrance with a giant red Lego dinosaur and the addition of new Lego models too.

“Legoredo is the epitome of Legoland nostalgia and is an area that will last many years. That’s why we are renovating on our 50th birthday both the old favourites, but we also choose to expand the area with another Lego themed entertainment, “said Christian Woller, director of Legoland..

“We want to give our guests the experience of being sucked into an overwhelming Lego universe as soon as they arrive at the park, and therefore we are doing something extra of the first impression. The children should have the feeling that the Lego models from home have grown to giant size and now they are in the midst of them,” added Woller.

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