NSM celebrates a record-breaking summer

In the lead up to its 65th anniversary in 2016, NSM Music has 2 good reasons to start the party early: the roll out of the Company’s Icon ™ background music system (BGM) and the unprecedented success of the £22/week jukebox rental offer.

NSM’s first order from Aleas Casinos in Scotland was another example of NSM Music marketing products to areas not normally associated with the Leeds based company.

According to General Manager Martin Agabeg:

“The Icon BGM tablet is ideal for casinos with its 24/7 programming function and audio advertising facility. NSM has improved the ambience of dozens of businesses from gymnasiums to hairdressers and installation can be made very simple by using Bluetooth technology The ability to choose from over 150,000 tracks and schedule them to suit the venue’s requirements means greater footfall and longer dwell times. All this is available to operators for as little as £5 per week: it’s a great product which creates a great return.”

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