New Walltopia product lines at IAAPA Expo Orlando 2021

Walltopia, a world leader in the climbing and adventure and leisure industries, will be at Booth 4017 of the IAAPA Expo in Orlando this month.

Walltopia will be showcasing two new product lines – Elevated Playgrounds and Parkour Tracks – as well as number of other developments.

Elevated Playgrounds build on Walltopia’s vast experience in climbing and height-focused attractions. These playgrounds are joyfully appealing to children and high above the ground to add excitement. They incorporate climbing, crawling, jumping, sliding, and many other movements that come naturally to kids and make them happy and healthy.

The Parkour, meanwhile, is another explosive new product by Walltopia, representing tracks strewn with a variety of blocks, walls, and bars designed to mirror the different obstacles found in urban areas. To overcome those obstacles, participants use their whole body and a range of techniques to reach the finish line in the quickest time or to show off their style and creativity.

Walltopia will also demonstrate new developments of existing products – the Rollglider with a Jump&Run version and new models of Fun Walls packed with the Gamifier.

The company will further showcase a new manufacturing technology to produce its entire range of attractions for outdoor use, with exceptionally high quality and durability.

Digital Product Configurators for the Rollglider and Ropes Course, meanwhile, mean visitors will be able to configure their projects on the kiosk at the Walltopia booth and get a quote on the spot.

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