New virtual reality park opens at The Dubai Mall

Emaar Entertainment has opened a new virtual and augmented reality attraction in The Dubai Mall.

VR Park spans two levels of the mall, covering 75,000 square-foot. Inside the park, visitors can play a number of AR & VR games, as well as ride an indoor rollercoaster.

Additionally, Starbreeze AB, a Swedish entertainment development company, has revealed that four of its VR machines will be housed at the park.

“We are thrilled to be part of launching the VR Park in Dubai and very happy to have found a partner in Emaar Entertainment that share the same vision and focus as we at Starbreeze do for location-based entertainment in VR,” said Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze CEO. “We have had destination-based entertainment as a focus for our VR initiatives over the past years, and now visitors from all over the world can experience our vision for premium VR content not available at home.”

The Starbreeze titles on offer include The Raft, PAYDAY: The VR Heist, and John Wick Chronicles.

Also featured in the VR Park are a number of multi-player games and sports simulations, where players can box, play hockey and football, and golf with friends and family. Plummet, a skydiving experience, enables players to simulate jumping from a plane over Dubai, and the PVRK café provides somewhere nearby to eat and drink. Little ones aged three and up can enjoy a VR carousel.

VR Park opened its doors to the public on March 1.

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